Welcome to our School!

Abington Vale Primary School is our favourite place to learn, make new friends and gain new experiences.

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Great Learning

Our teachers and support staff work closely with us to help in our learning and showing us the best way forward.

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Growing Together

We grow in knowledge each day, just like our plants and trees grow in our garden.

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Sporting Greats!

Our fit and healthy sports teams work and play hard to be the best they can be, in school and in competitions

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Musical Excellence!

We have a growing number of musical specialists in school with happy and excited audiences as our performances.

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Safeguarding Alerts

There are three newly designed Early Help leaflets available from the NCC and NSCB web pages for parents and carers. Please click on links for more information.

The Early help – a guide for parents and carerswill help families, parents and carers understand what early help is, what the early help process is like and how to get early help. It will also be useful for professionals working with families who might benefit from early help.

The Step down – a guide for parents and carerswill help families, parents and carers understand the step down from social care process, how it works and what to expect. It will also be useful for social workers and for lead professionals in the community who may work with families who have already stepped down from social care.

TheStep Down from Social Care to Early Help – A Practitioner’s Guideexplains the processes followed when a case is stepped down from social care to early help. It explains the role of the social worker, what the social worker should expect from practitioners who will provide or coordinate any appropriate ongoing support and what will happen if parents, carers or young people do not consent to continued support.