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Abington Vale Primary School Curriculum

All schools have their own unique identity and we believe that at Abington Vale Primary School, we have created a friendly, caring and supportive environment that encourages all pupils to fulfil their true potential. We take pride in the fact that our children are nurtured in a safe, enjoyable and respectful learning environment.

At Abington Vale, we teach a carefully sequenced curriculum that is underpinned by a body of knowledge and skills which progress year on year. Our curriculum offers a broad range of subjects and starts from the Early Years.

Our curriculum content has been carefully chosen to reflect the context of our school and is coherently planned and sequenced so that all pupils build on previous learning, make connections, and embed knowledge into their long-term memory. Curriculum coherence ensures that teaching does not jump from topic to topic, but enables children to develop knowledge over time, as well as developing an appreciation of subjects.

To further enhance our curriculum, and give every child a voice, oracy is a fundamental part of our curriculum. We use oracy as a powerful tool for learning; by teaching our children to become more effective speakers and listeners.

It is our ambition for all of our pupils to access the full wider curriculum and quality first teaching enables this. Support for pupils with SEND or disadvantaged pupils is given by careful individual and/or group support to secure the knowledge they need to continue to access the curriculum content.

To view our curriculum maps please click on the curriculum tab, curriculum knowledge organisers and select your child's year group.