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We grow in knowledge each day, just like our plants and trees grow in our garden.

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Pupil Premium



Abington Vale Primary School is a 2 form entry school split over 2 sites, with 440 children on role.

We have high aspirations and ambitions for all our pupils, and we are determined to ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We have 44 children in receipt of Pupil Premium, which includes free school meals children, ever 6 children and looked after children.

What is Pupil Premium?

PP is funding is dependent on the number of pupils currently receiving free school meals, pupils who have received free school meals in the past (ever 6), pupils in the school who are looked after and pupils in the school who are from service families. Historically, pupils receiving free school meals have made slower progress and achieved lower results than those children that do not receive free school meals. This is a national issue. The purpose of pupil premium is to target support to diminish the difference between the attainment of PP and non PP children. Schools have the freedom to spend the funding in a way that they think will best support raising the attainment for the most vulnerable pupils.


The governing body and all the staff at Abington Vale Primary School are committed to ensuring that the highest possible provision is made to ensure that all pupils achieve their academic, artistic and sporting potential as well as ensuring that their pastoral needs and wellbeing is supported.

Our key objectives in using the PP funding are to ensure that the pastoral and wellbeing needs of children eligible for funding are met to enable us then to close the achievement gap between PP and non-PP children.

Through quality first teaching and targeted interventions and support, we are determined to eliminate barriers to learning and our aim is to ensure that all children (including PP) make accelerated progress in order to reach age related expectations or above as they move through our school.

The PP allocation for 2016-2017 provided the following:

A full time Family Support Worker to provide emotional and pastoral support to both children and parents to ensure the barriers to learning are removed

Financial support to ensure that all PP children are engaged in school activities and trips that support learning, raise aspiration and ambition.

Bursary that families can use to buy uniform and pay for trips and clubs

Well balanced and nutritional meals

Small group and 1:1 intervention support

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
 Total number of pupils on roll 440
 Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 44
 Total amount of PPG £59,190.00

Nature of Support 2016/17

To enable children to achieve good attainment and progress

To support children’s wellbeing (social, emotional and mental health)

To enable children to access enrichment opportunities

To provide support to the family


 Contribution to staffing costs £28,196.17

Family support worker


SEN Teaching Assistants

Vouchers to parents £4,400

(Included in vouchers: Music Lessons, School uniform, Clubs & School Trips)

School Meals inc milk £9,116.32

Professional services to include Ed Psych, JOGO/C|PD  £1,720.50

Please refer to our Pupil Premium Strategy report for more information.

Pupil Premium