Welcome to our School!

Abington Vale Primary School is our favourite place to learn, make new friends and gain new experiences.

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Great Learning

Our teachers and support staff work closely with us to help in our learning and showing us the best way forward.

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Growing Together

We grow in knowledge each day, just like our plants and trees grow in our garden.

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Sporting Greats!

Our fit and healthy sports teams work and play hard to be the best they can be, in school and in competitions

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Musical Excellence!

We have a growing number of musical specialists in school with happy and excited audiences as our performances.

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Governing Body

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Contact The Governing Body

We are always keen to hear views and ideas from parents, pupils and members of the local community.

In the event that you wish to raise a complaint parents are requested to go through the class teacher initially and then if they do not reach a satisfactory conclusion to contact the Head Teacher. In the event of the Head Teacher being unable to resolve the parent will be giving the opportunity to speak to a member of the governing body.

Our 2019-2020 Chair of Governors is Mrs Kirsty Clarke.  To speak to us please leave your details with either the Stirling or Park offices or call 01604 635071 or email enquiries@avps.org.uk.  The NPAT Chair of the Board of Governors is Mr Adrian White, to contact him please email adrian.white@npatschools.org.

Governing Body Communications