We have a staggered intake into our reception year at the start of their learning career with us to make sure that they are well settled and ready to learn. You will be allocated times and dates at the parents induction meeting which is a very important time for you to get to know information about the school and learn what’s what and who’s  who.

Children joining us from other schools in other years will be given a buddy to help them settle into our school and learn the ropes. They will be made to feel part of the team as quickly as possible and lots of ice breakers and getting to know you strategies will be used to blend them seamlessly into the rest of their class.

Key to any child’s success at school is their confidence and happiness. This comes from a positive relationship and approach from both home and school. There are very clear, open lines of communication and we hope that we can work with all our families to ensure that our children progress well in a happy, caring and encouraging environment.

At the end of the year there is a transition day where the children spend the day with their new teachers in their new classrooms. This coincides with the older year 6 transition day into secondary school and the induction of our youngest newest children into reception.

In year 6 you and the children will have to make a decision about moving on to secondary school. There is support given to the children here at AVP and we work well with the pupils to ensure they are ready to face the change into their new school. Which secondary school they select and where they go on to is up to you and them! Towards the end of year 6, the children will take part on a transition day where they will spend the day at their new school, getting to know their new teachers and colleagues.

One of our ex pupils Evie James had this to say about transition.

"I had a really great time at Abington Vale primary school and made lots of good friends. The teachers were always kind and supportive and they really wanted you to achieve your best.

In year 6 we had to work really hard for our sat's but Mrs Lody helped us through it and made sure we were ok. When we found out what secondary schools we were going to, some of us were happy and some of us were a bit worried but the transition day at our new school and the chance to meet our new teachers helped to reassure us.

All the teachers at school were really nice and Mrs Lody and Mr Currell talked to us about the changes that were going to happen. They reassured us that we would all cope and that we would make some great new friends. In year 6 we were given a lot of responsibility around school and this helped us get ready for secondary school.

When we left, our time at Abington Vale had made us all feel prepared and ready for secondary school. We knew that we could always come back and say hello to Abington Vale and be made to feel welcome – it was like belonging to a family."