Welcome to our School!

Abington Vale Primary School is our favourite place to learn, make new friends and gain new experiences.

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Great Learning

Our teachers and support staff work closely with us to help in our learning and showing us the best way forward.

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Growing Together

We grow in knowledge each day, just like our plants and trees grow in our garden.

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Sporting Greats!

Our fit and healthy sports teams work and play hard to be the best they can be, in school and in competitions

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Musical Excellence!

We have a growing number of musical specialists in school with happy and excited audiences as our performances.

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School Council

The school council recently gained the silver award for their work in supporting all the pupils throughout the school. It hangs with pride with our other awards in our entrance hall. They have already started work to earn the gold award. The pupils have been part of interviews for new members of staff and have been fundraising, ordering new resources for the pupils and raising money for charities and worthy causes. They are a very busy bunch.

The school council have been twinning with other countries from across the world and developing our Abington Vale global family.

There are two class representatives from each class and they attend regular meetings to discuss what the pupils would like to do next. It is a very prestigious role that is voted for by their peers. They provide a student voice and are there to support their fellow classmates.