Welcome to our School!

Abington Vale Primary School is our favourite place to learn, make new friends and gain new experiences.

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Great Learning

Our teachers and support staff work closely with us to help in our learning and showing us the best way forward.

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Growing Together

We grow in knowledge each day, just like our plants and trees grow in our garden.

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Sporting Greats!

Our fit and healthy sports teams work and play hard to be the best they can be, in school and in competitions

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Musical Excellence!

We have a growing number of musical specialists in school with happy and excited audiences as our performances.

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Music at AVPS

We are proud of our achievements in music and performance and we endeavour to provide our children with many opportunities to have music lessons, compose and perform.

In the past few years our school has won the county wide anti-bullying song writing competition which has enabled our children to record their songs at the "Stable Studios" in Milton Keynes. In addition to this our choir has performed collaboratively with other schools at the O2.

Music lessons are provided throughout the week.


Park Campus

10.40am Woodwind and Strings Music Lessons

Stirling Campus

1.00am Woodwind and Strings Music Lessons


Park Campus

9.00am to 12.50pm Guitar Lessons

2.00pm - 3.00pm Year 4 Clarinet first access project

3.15pm - Choir with Mrs Wallace Year 3 to Year 6


Stirling Campus

3.15pm - 4.00pm Choir with Mrs Wallace Year 3 to Year 5