Meet the Team

We believe one of the strengths of our team is that we recognise and embrace views across all of our stakeholders. Our governing body brings together a mix of people whose views and opinions are critical to ensuring long term success and stability.

Declaration of Interest

In compliance with EFA guidelines regarding the disclosure of business interests, this is to confirm there are none to disclose at Abington Vale Primary School.

Parent Governors

The core the school community- they see things from their children’s perspective and are close to day to day activity. We are well represented by parents in Foundation and Key Stage 1, a good  base for long term succession planning.

Community Governors

Ex AVPS parents and also our neighbours, some of which have been attached to the school for over 15 years. We recognise the importance of keeping a link to our history and ensuring we retain the essence and values of the school.

Co-opted Governors and Members

These roles provide particular skills or knowledge essential to good governance. This could be financial management, strategic planning, marketing or people management, or even a specific part of primary education. In addition, 'Members' must ensure the governing body has the right skills in place and ensure succession planning strategies exist.

Staff Governors

Teaching and non teaching staff are well represented. The decisions we make ultimately impact their ability to run the school effectively, an inside view is important.






Contact The Governing Body

We are always keen to hear views and ideas from parents, pupils and members of the local community.

In the event that you wish to raise a complaint parents are requested to go through the class teacher initially and then if they do not reach a satisfactory conclusion to contact the Head Teacher. In the event of the Head Teacher being unable to resolve the parent will be giving the opportunity to speak to a member of the governing body.

Our Chair of Governors is Mrs Kirsty Clarke.  To speak to us please leave your details with either the Stirling or Park offices or call 01604 635071 or email .  The NPAT Chair of the Board of Governors is Mr Jeremy Stockdale, to contact him please email .

Governing Body Communications