Governing Body

The AVPS governing body is well represented across the parent and local community, as well as good representation from the commercial and public sector.  The members are appointed/voted in by the Governing Body.

Our role is to set the strategic direction of the School and to ‘Challenge and Support’ in a way that facilitates positive outcomes.

The strategic agenda is set by the governing body and delivered through specialist roles within the governing body, focused on:

  • Finance
  • Safeguarding
  • Pupil, Parents and Staff
  • Health and Safety
  • The school development plan

Through the Finance committee support is provided to the Bursar on Financial matters.

Recruitment decisions are supported by a panel of ‘Safer Recruitment’ trained governors; there is a strong focus on Safeguarding and Risk Management through the Resources committee.

Our Mission

As a governing body we are committed to:

  • A school that provides every child with outstanding education and personal development. They leave our school having reached their full potential and with positive memories of their primary education.
  • Pupil success facilitated by engaged and vibrant staff that creates an open culture of learning- our school is the school to work in.
  • Our staff and children having the best resources to reach their objectives, continually improving facilities and first class information technology

We engage and support parents in order that they are empowered to play an active part in the performance of the school and the development of their children.



Governing Body works closely with the NPAT Board of Directors, who  take away some of the more complex activities from us, this relationship allows us to focus on key priorities for the school.

Contact The Governing Body

We are always keen to hear views and ideas from parents, pupils and members of the local community.

In the event that you wish to raise a complaint parents are requested to go through the class teacher initially and then if they do not reach a satisfactory conclusion to contact the Head Teacher. In the event of the Head Teacher being unable to resolve the parent will be giving the opportunity to speak to a member of the governing body.

Our Chair of Governors is Mrs Kirsty Clarke.  To speak to us please leave your details with either the Stirling or Park offices or call 01604 635071 or email .  The NPAT Chair of the Board of Governors is Mr Jeremy Stockdale, to contact him please email .

Governing Body Communications